lunes, 29 de octubre de 2012

Tuits musicales

Aquí os dejo algunos interesantes tuits que han aparecido en el timeline de nuestro twitter:

  1. @soundscoloursSometimes it's nice to flick the random switch on iTunes, especially when it latches onto a tune like this… — #
  2. @OscarDLeonHay que rescatar nuestros valores...Empecemos por respetar a nuestros mayores y a nuestras cuesta nada. — #
  3. @mirinho: RT @toninievas: Vuelve Megaupload!!!!,.... ahora que habíamos resucitado el cine español y las ventas de discos de Bisbal. — #
  4. @soundscoloursGoing Underground: New Music from Argentina — #
  5. @AfripopmagThe top 15 Nigerian music videos on youtube summed up by @that1960chick (spoiler alert: p-square leads) — #
  6. @GrooveRadioPTAustralasian Worldwide Music Expo in Melbourne to Present some of the Best Roots Music from… — #
  7. @hearth_musicIf only all religious songs were this gentle and forgiving. But then what would Ralph Stanley sing? Ben Kyle - "Mercy" — #
  8. @afropopwwWanna hear what's hot in Nigeria? Iroking is not a bad place to start. ==> — #
  9. @1stworldmusicThey entered the stage playing enormous drums balanced on their heads. @lehmancenter #BURUNDI PHOTO ===>… — #
  10. @SmallWorldNotes“@geekigirl: Bongo drums make everything better. #styleyyc” Hell ya! — #
  11. @afropopwwAnd if you dig that, you should also check out this accordion jive. def among the best things we've heard this year... — #
  12. @World_Music_MMexico City school seeks to dignify mariachi music: "It makes me very sad to see what these mariachis have done ... — #
  13. @josepharthurFreaky forest — #

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